ZicLok Binder

  - Quick, Click-on, Click-off, no Stabbing
  - Releasable, High Tension
  - Durable, Reusable, Long-lasting
  - Open Source


Availability of the ZicLok ties:

The ties have been designed in several shapes but they are not yet produced in amounts at a low price. It would be needed to be done by pressure-moulding but the high costs of a mould is an obstacle. The tie as shown above and in the video is one of a small amount made by pressure-moulding. A special mould with a short life-time has been used. The details could not be too small.

Ties of an other model, like shown below, are existing, specially shaped to be produced by SLS 3Dprinting. The strap is thin to achieve enough flexibility of the 3Dprinting material, consisting of very tiny grains of nylon melted together. The ties are not completely reliable, being dependant on the settings of the printer. The strap may be breaking apart. The requirements of flexibility, strongness and fine detailing are on the edge of the possibilities of 3Dprinting. Another issue is the material being a bit rough, especially during the first times of use. But it can be that shortly a better way is found, making usual printing of reliable ZicLok ties possible.

On the long term reliable printing certainly is to be expected because new 3Dprinters are on the market, printing better and faster. Good quality ties can be produced that way, without the high starting costs of a mould. Possibly mould can be 3Dprinted too. This is making the ZicLok ties to be expected to be available as 3Dprints in the future.

People who are interested and whose emailadress is known can be informed.

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