Attaching Line Without Knotting
Simple and Fast, Pull In, Pull out, Tensionable



Use of wire, thread and rope made easy.

- The art of knotting is not needed. Detaching will be free of trouble too. Quick releasing of the wire is guaranteed, even after being wet or heavily loaded.

- Another advantage is the Line-Link connection being able to be extra tensioned or to be adjusted after being connected.

- Connection can be made in the middle of the line. It is not needed to use a free end of the line.

- Economical use is reached by efficient use of material. The wire will not be spoiled and it is not needed to cut it. The coupling blocks and the wire can be reused many times.

Way of Use
To connect the line a small coupling block is used. A loop of the wire is laid around the two extending hooks. By pulling the line it is slipping deeper into the coupling. The line gets grabbed by the coupling. The connection is ready.

By pulling the free part of the line up the exertion of the grabbing force can be stopped. The wire can still keep its looped position around the first hook and can be loosened this way. After pulling the wire further out of this hook it wil be relased completely.

Simple and Reliable
The wire is grabbed inside the coupling by conversion of its own pulling force. Only a few moving parts are active. The hooks are pushing to obtain the pinching force and to adapt the coupling to the diameter of the wire. A small size and a strong and safe connection are achieved this way. This system is new. It is fit to be fabricated by SLS 3D printing.

An eye at the top side of the coupling block is offering a way of attaching it to other objects or wire. A wire can be bended in a loop that is fed through the eye and then being brought around the whole coupling block, forming a knot as can be seen at the right. In this way two line ends can be used for attachement to other objects.
Another model is made of two coupled identical coupling systems, like shown at the top. This system is to be used to couple wire to wire.

It is possible after the attaching to shorten the connected length of the line by sliding the line. To do this the load of the loaded line must be reduced by hand and the unloaded part of the line is to be pulled at simultaneously.

A functioning 3D printed version of the Line-Link coupling hook is ready for use. It is a 21 mm. model with an eye, like shown at the right. 20 pcs. bound together can be purchased at Shapeways.